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Computer Skill Word, Excel, PPT
Training Course

Computer Skill Word, Excel, PPT, Training Course

The Computer Skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Course is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use these widely used software applications. The course will cover topics such as formatting, editing, and creating documents in Word, organizing and analyzing data in Excel, and creating engaging presentations in PowerPoint. Participants will learn practical techniques to streamline their work and improve their productivity.

Course Content:


1: Introduction to Microsoft Word

  • Understanding the interface and navigation in Word

  • Techniques for formatting and editing text and paragraphs

  • Strategies for creating professional documents

2: Advanced Microsoft Word

  • Understanding styles, headers, footers, and tables of contents

  • Techniques for formatting and editing graphics and objects

  • Strategies for customizing and automating your work in Word

3: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Understanding the interface and navigation in Excel

  • Techniques for organizing and formatting data

  • Strategies for using basic formulas and functions

4: Advanced Microsoft Excel

  • Understanding advanced formulas and functions in Excel

  • Techniques for analyzing and visualizing data using charts and graphs

  • Strategies for working with large data sets

5: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Understanding the interface and navigation in PowerPoint

  • Techniques for creating engaging presentations

  • Strategies for customizing templates and themes

6: Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Understanding multimedia and animation in PowerPoint

  • Techniques for collaborating and sharing presentations

  • Strategies for delivering effective presentations

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