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Supervisory and Management Skills Training Course

Supervisory and Management Skills Training Course

The Supervisory and Management Skills Course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively lead and manage a team. The course will cover topics such as leadership, communication, delegation, problem-solving, decision-making, and performance management. Participants will learn practical techniques for managing people, resources, and processes in a variety of organizational settings.

Course Content:

1: Introduction to Supervisory and Management Skills

  • Understanding the role of a supervisor/manager in the organization

  • Developing an effective leadership style

  • Setting goals and priorities for success

2: Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Understanding the importance of effective communication in leadership

  • Techniques for active listening and effective questioning

  • Strategies for delivering feedback and handling difficult conversations

3: Delegation and Time Management

  • Understanding the importance of delegation in effective leadership

  • Techniques for delegating tasks and responsibilities

  • Strategies for managing time effectively

4: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

  • Understanding the importance of problem-solving and decision-making in leadership

  • Techniques for analyzing problems and making decisions

  • Strategies for evaluating and implementing solutions

5: Performance Management

  • Understanding the role of performance management in leadership

  • Techniques for setting clear expectations and providing feedback

  • Strategies for managing performance issues and recognizing employee contributions

6: Team Building and Motivation

  • Understanding the importance of team building and motivation in leadership

  • Techniques for creating a positive work environment

  • Strategies for recognizing and rewarding employee contributions

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