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Self and HR Management
Training Course

Self and HR Management Training Course

The Self and HR Management Course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively manage themselves and their interactions with others in the workplace. The course will cover topics such as self-awareness, time management, communication, conflict resolution, and performance management. Participants will learn practical techniques for managing their own emotions, behaviors, and productivity, as well as strategies for effectively managing and motivating others.

Course Content:

1: Self-Awareness

  • Understanding self-awareness and its importance in self-management

  • Techniques for improving self-awareness

  • Developing a personal development plan

2: Time Management

  • Understanding time management and its impact on productivity

  • Techniques for setting goals and prioritizing tasks

  • Strategies for managing time effectively

3: Communication

  • The importance of effective communication in the workplace

  • Techniques for active listening and effective questioning

  • Strategies for delivering feedback and handling difficult conversations

4: Conflict Resolution

  • Understanding conflict and its impact on the workplace

  • Techniques for resolving conflicts through communication and negotiation

  • Strategies for managing emotions and maintaining professionalism during conflicts

5: Performance Management

  • Understanding the role of performance management in the workplace

  • Techniques for setting clear expectations and providing feedback

  • Strategies for managing performance issues and recognizing employee contributions

6: Motivation and Engagement

  • Understanding the importance of employee motivation and engagement

  • Techniques for creating a positive work environment

  • Strategies for recognizing and rewarding employee contributions

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