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Basic First Aid Training

Basic First Aid Training

OASIS offers First Aid Management Course which is designed under the guideline of  NEBOSH and OHSAS 45001. A basic first aid course is a training program designed to teach individuals the fundamental principles of first aid, including how to assess a situation, identify potential hazards, and provide basic medical care. Participants will learn how to recognize and respond to a variety of medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, strokes, choking, bleeding, burns, and fractures.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to First Aid and Human Body

  2. Emergency scene management

  3. Care and transportation of unconscious causality

  4. Fever, pulse and blood pressure

  5. Wound and trauma management, control of bleeding, shock

  6. Sun stock / Heat Stock

  7. ABC, Resuscitation including CPR for adults, children and babies

  8. Fractures, spinal, neck and head injury

  9. Eye and dental injury

  10. Road traffic accidents, falls and slips

  11. Diabetic emergencies, Asthma, Chocking

  12. Chest pain, Heart Attack, Epilepsy

  13. Animal (Dog), Scorpion and Snake Bite

  14. Burn, Scaled and Electric Shock

  15. Earthquake, Drowning

  16. Contents of First Aid Box and their use

  17. Recording accident and illness, Medical Emergency response planning

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