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Rig Pass Training Course

Rig Pass Training Course

The HSE RIG PASS Program is designed to identify core elements and provide effective safety orientation program which is one of the vital element in today's oil and gas industry.

During the training delegates are taught to about the dangers involved while working at rig site and also we teach them "To be accountable" Completion of a HSE RIG Pass program confirms that personnel have met basic requirements defined by safety and training professionals in the drilling industry, irrespective of the rigs location.

A Rig Pass card will be awarded to each delegate upon completion which resembles that the bearer has completed RIG PASS instruction as defined by the drilling industry's leading safety and training professionals. Students will complete this program followed by a test which he or she must pass.

Course Content

  1. General Safety.

  2. Personal Protective Equipment.

  3. Hazard Communication "HAZCOM".

  4. Occupational Health & Safety "OHS".

  5. Specialized Work Procedures.

  6. Fire Safety.

  7. Manual Handling.

  8. Health & First Aid.

  9. Rig & Platform Environment.

  10. Emergency Response.

  11. Well-Site Environmental Protection.

  12. Excavation: Trenching & Shoring.

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