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Hazard Identification and 
Risk Assessment Course

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Course

The objective of this training course is to equip the student with the theory and practical work necessary to competently conduct hazard identification, risk assessment and control exercise. On completion of this course the student will be able to Identify SHE hazards and risks, Evaluate the probability and severity of hazards and risks, Understand the different categories of risk,  How to complete a risk profiling matrix, Understand the legislative requirements related to HIRA, Make meaningful recommendations to improve the overall safety in the workplace.

Course Content

  • Overview of HIRAC requirement in OHSAS 45001

  • HIRAC – definitions and concepts

  • Incident vs. accident

  • Hazard vs. Risk

  • Hazard identification techniques

  • Risk assessment techniques

  • HIRA at workplace workshop

  • Select the appropriate HIRA method for different circumstances

  •  techniques used in HIRA in the workplace

  • Conduct a Risk Assessment using the HIRA methodology

  • Determining controls

  • HIRAC process

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