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Team Building Training Course

Team Building Training Course

This course is designed to develop How to create effective teams, team work, and team building is a challenge in every organization. Work environments tend to foster rugged individuals working on personal goals for personal gain. Typically, reward, recognition, and pay systems single out the achievements of individual employees. Appraisal, performance management, and goal setting systems most frequently focus on individual goals and progress, not on team building. Teams Employee involvement, teams, and employee empowerment enable people to make decisions about their work. This employee involvement, team building approach, and employee empowerment increases loyalty and fosters ownership. These resources tell you how to do team building and effectively involve people.

Course Content:

Component 1:

Principles of Effective communications

  • What is communications

  • What is communicated

  • Methods of communication

  • Causes of Communication Problems

  • Defensive vs. Supportive Climates

  • The Way to Effective Messages

  • Effective Feedback Techniques

  • Avoiding Verbal Turnoffs

  • Keys to Effective Listening

  • Basic Principles for Human Relations

  • Team Building Part A Practice Exercises

Component 2:

Group Dynamics and Interaction

  • Advantages of the Team Concept

  • Personal Skills for Working Together

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Guidelines for Resolving Conflict

  • Tuckman Model of Team Life Cycle

  • Team Building Part B Practice Exercises

Component 3:

Synergistics - Concensus Decision Making

  • Rationale for Worker Involvement in Problem Solving

  • Synergism

  • Problems a team may encounter

  • Building and Maintaining an Effective Team

  • Constructive Conflict

  • Team Building Part C Practice Exercises


Component 4:

Characteristics of a Team

  • Effective Teams

  • Team Building Part D Practice Exercises

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