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Defensive Driving Training Course

Defensive Driving Training Course

For most of us, driving a motor car is a vital and integral part of our daily lives. This course is equally beneficial for all including those who routinely drive to commute to and from work-place and also those who are engaged in driving as a profession. 


The course is designed to help you identify the hazards faced on the road. It begins with self-assessment through a quiz session to rate your current driving practices and to identify key problem areas. Then trainers will provide you with modern techniques and comprehensive knowledge that will help you become a better and safe driver. 

Course Content

  1. Introduction                                                                

  2. Wind shield / vipers

  3. Role of tires in accidents

  4. Visibility & Head lights

  5. Turning signals / Fog & rear lights

  6. Seat belts

  7. Road condition

  8. Road furniture

  9. Speed

  10. Killing the speed myth

  11. Reckless driving

  12. Intersection safety and train crossings

  13. Blind points

  14. See and be seen

  15. Position & use of side mirrors

  16. Course outline

  17. Workshop (Self-Assessment Quiz)

  18. Normal driving

  19. Types of driving

  20. Video clips

  21. Definition of defensive driving

  22. Defensive driving principles

  23. Ingredients of defensive driving

  24. Driver’s capability

  25. Passenger Safety

  26. Vehicle condition

  27. Checks Before you drive

  28. Horn

  29. Video Clips

  30. Some common mistakes

  31. Awareness of traffic rules

  32. Large trucks and commercial vehicles

  33. Highway terms

  34. Law enforcement

  35. Animal hazards

  36. Video clips

  37. Inattention and distraction

  38. Impaired driving & fatigue

  39. Managing emotions while driving

  40. Assume others as worst drivers

  41. Children & women

  42. Health aspects

  43. Occupational health hazards for drivers

  44. Vehicle First Aid Kit

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