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Effective Managerial Communication 
Training Course

Effective Managerial Communication Training Course

The Effective Managerial Communication Course is designed to provide managers and aspiring managers with the skills and techniques necessary to communicate effectively in a professional setting. The course will cover topics such as active listening, effective questioning, feedback, and conflict resolution. Participants will learn practical techniques for communicating effectively with their team, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Course Content:


1: Introduction to Effective Managerial Communication

  • Understanding the importance of effective communication in management

  • Developing an effective communication style

  • Overcoming communication barriers

2: Active Listening and Effective Questioning

  • Techniques for active listening and effective questioning

  • Strategies for gathering information and clarifying understanding

  • Enhancing listening skills and asking effective questions

3: Feedback and Recognition

  • Understanding the importance of feedback in managing employees

  • Techniques for giving feedback effectively

  • Strategies for recognizing and rewarding employee contributions

4: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

  • Understanding the different types of conflicts in the workplace

  • Techniques for resolving conflicts and managing difficult conversations

  • Strategies for negotiating effectively

5: Written Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Understanding the importance of written communication in management

  • Techniques for writing effective emails, memos, and reports

  • Strategies for delivering engaging and effective presentations

6: Communication Strategy and Innovation

  • Understanding the role of communication in innovation and change management

  • Techniques for developing effective communication strategies

  • Strategies for communicating change effectively

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